A makeup kit that will make you blush


It’s Thursday! One more day until the weekend! Thinking bout going out? Of course you are… Girls’ night, date night, club hopping, dinner atop the Eiffel Tower or all of the above! It’s time to get your glam look on with a hot new makeup kit!

Splurge on a new makeup kit with all the tools you need to channel your inner makeup artist. This one has high quality makeup brushes in four widths, a mascara brush and lash curler. The palette includes nine ultra trendy colors for Winter time. The snowstorm blue eyeshadow will get you noticedРwe can hear the compliments now! Unlike those cheap kits this one has solid wood brush stems. They feel soooo good in your hands. Oh did we mention it comes with a bottle of makeup brush cleaner and a smart makeup bag?

Make-up kit

Smile <3

Sooooo, this makeup kit is selling fast. If you want it, better move on it. We’re making it super easy to get. Just click the Buy button.

You will look like a New York supermodel with this kit or the beautiful girl next door…either way you’ll look amazing…

There are like 1,000,000,000 makeup kits on the internet. We found the hottest one for today’s splurge.

See you tomorrow for your next Splurge Time! And have a great day hun!